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Mission Statement: Thursday, June 25, 2015 8:26 AM

"To conserve and protect Arizona's natural resources by providing a state-level organization that emphasizes an integrated management approach to address invasive or pest plants."

The Southwest Vegetation Management Association (SWVMA) was organized in 1997 to increase awareness about invasive vegetation and foster cooperation between vegetation managers.

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SWVMA Board Member Meeting Minutes - Uploaded & Updated

Arizona Weed Management Areas - updated

SWVMA Board Meeting Schedule - All Board Meetings are scheduled from 10AM - 2:30PM

  • Wed, 10 June -- Cottonwood/Camp Verde (Anna will be coordinating a room)
  • Wed, 9 September -- Conference hotel (TBD. either ShowLow, Pinetop/Lakeside, Tucson or Sierra Vista)
  • Wed, 28 October -- Annual Membership Business Meeting (held during conference; location TBD)

SWVMA Board Meeting: 11 March @ 10AM at the Arizona Department of Agriculture Building in downtown Phoenix (1688 W Adams Street; Conference Room 206). Free parking is available across the street from the building's entrance (Washington Street).

Arizona State Land Department
1688 W Adams Street
(Conference Room 206, 2nd Floor)
Phoenix, Arizona
Wednesday, 11 March 2015
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

AGENDA (download here)

San Francisco Peaks Weed Mgmt Area Meeting Wed, 11 March 2015, at Flagstaff Ranger Station 3:00-4:30

21st Annual Southwestern Noxious/Invasive Weed Short Course ---- July 21-23, 2015

San Juan College in the Henderson Fine Arts Center
4601 College Boulevard
Rooms 9008 9010 9012
Farmington, New Mexico 87402

Dates: July 21, 22, and 23, 2015.

Location: San Juan College, 4601 College Blvd, Farmington, NM 87402 (The classroom portion of the short course will be held in the Henderson Fine Arts Center, which is located on the San Juan College Campus, Rooms 9010 and 9011).

Background: The primary purpose of this regional 2.5-day Short Course is to explore the management of noxious, invasive weeds that are common or threaten the southwestern U.S. Local, regional, and national experts will share their knowledge regarding this critical issue. The course is broken into 2 tracks – beginning, for those wanting to learn about the various species of interest, and advanced, for those interested in going beyond plant ID and basic management principles. Although the short course is presented in 2 tracks you will be free to tailor your attendance in a way that best fits your needs. A half-day field trip from Farmington, NM to Durango, CO on the afternoon of July 22nd will provide hands-on experience with identifying noxious weeds and discussing various integrated weed management options.

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Nomination of Dr. Ed Northam for "Weed Manager of the Year 2014"

"Ed Northam has been an active member of SW Vegetation Management Association ever since he first came to Arizona in the summer of 2000.
He has attended all but one annual meeting since SWVMA was formed, participating in most by giving presentations on various topics and leading field trips. He has served as board member, co-President and Past President. He has helped to teach the certification class that SWVMA has offered in conjunction with annual meetings. He served on Arizona’s Governor’s Invasive Species Advisory Council.
Ed has travelled extensively throughout Arizona, taking the time to visit many roadside weeds. There is hardly an invasive plant manager in the state who has not asked Ed for advice, or identification of a plant. He is the recognized “go-to guy” for invasive plant questions. He is always generous with the time he spends with others, and humble about his expertise. He also coordinated the Central Arizona Weed Management area for several years.
For his long-term contributions to the SW Vegetation Management Association, and to Arizona’s invasive plant managers, the SWVMA Advisory Board nominates Ed Northam as 2014 Weed Manager of the Year."


Welcoming remarks by SWVMA President Dr. John Brock
Keynote speaker: Allen White : Importance of Partnerships
John Scheuring: The Waterman Restoration Project on Ironwood Forest National Monument: BLM and the Arizona Native Plant Society
Carianne Campbell: Collaborative Conservation of Sky Island Springs
Kris Gade: Partnering w/ADOT/BIA/BLM for Highway Treatments
Don Pike: Volunteer Weed Mapping Program on the Mesa Ranger District of the TNF, Using Google Earth
Jim Walworth: When Soil Turns to Dust
Juliann Campbell-Hastie: 200+ Miles of Backcountry and Wilderness Trails: The Inventory, the Recommendations, and the Treatments, All on Equine "Units"!
Ed Northam: Invasive Mustards of Arizona
Kai Umeda: Postemergence Herbicides and Strategies for Johnsongrass Control

Neal Kittelson: Introductions to Buffelgrass Session
Perry Grissom: Buffelgrass and Fire in the Sonoran Desert
Dana Backer: Buffelgrass Control Takes to the Air
Susan Meyer: Potential for the Selective Control of Invasive Buffelgrass in the Sonoran Desert Using Fungal Pathogens and Their Phytotoxic Metabolites
William McCloskey: Imazapyr: Useful for Buffelgrass Control?
Jim Malusa: Holding the Line: Modeling Invasive Buffelgrass in the Coronado National Forest of Arizona

Buffelgrass Panel Discussion

Chris Stetson: FireScape, Coronado National Forest – A Program for Large-scale, Collaborative Forest Restoration
John Caravetta: Update on Herbicide Certification Regulations in Arizona
John Scheuring: Life after Buffelgrass: Eradication is Just the Start
Steve Campbell: Maintaining Healthy Plant Systems: A Method to Manage Invasive Species.
Chris Henninger: NPDES Program
Ben Bloodworth: Biocontrol for Arundo & Tamarisk
Laura Moser: Building a Biocontrol Program in Northern Arizona

Ms. Nancy Caywood, farm owner and manager, about water issues in this area of Arizona, farming techniques used on this farm to deal with water issues, alternate crops being considered for use.

STUDY GUIDE: Arizona Pesticide Applicator's License (Manual download) - or copy & paste this address


For General Information, Contact:
Southwest Vegetation Management Association
c/o Alix Rogstad, President
P.O. Box 5151
Phoenix, AZ 85010-5151

President: Alix Rogstad
Past President: John Brock
VP: Anna Schrenk
Secretary: Kris Gade
Treasurer: Patti Fenner
Board members:
Matt Zoost
Max Allen
Lisa Thornley
Vacant - Board Member

Last Updated: June 25, 2015
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